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Brick of 12 pairs - Master Series 2B
Brick of 12 pairs - Master Series 2B
Brick of 12 pairs - Master Series 2B

Brick of 12 pairs - Master Series 2B

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The newest addition to the Master Series line up is here.

This is the brand new Master Series 2B.

A Brick of 12 pairs with a little more added discount from us as a thank you for playing our sticks.

Our Master Series drumsticks are turned from the finest, hand-selected Master Grade American Hickory. Then using proprietary pitch matching software our experienced technicians pair to within 30 cents (1 semitone interval is 100 cents) and weight match to within 0.8g, before they are hand finished and sent with love, from us to you.


    • Wood: American Hickory
    • Length: 413mm
    • Diameter: 16mm
    • Taper: Medium
    • Finish: Joe's 'True Grip' Lacquer
    • Tip: Joe's Custom Acorn
    • Stick Weight: ≈72g

 Choosing your tip:

  • Our Custom Acorn Tip is more like a hybrid of a traditional teardrop/oval and will give you the most well rounded frequency response with articulate highs delivered by the oval but also delivering the fatter, 'warm' sounding lows associated with a Teardrop.
  • Joe's True Grip Lacquer is our standard lacquer, thinner than the Smooth Touch it produces significantly enhanced grip over its brother. Designed to give confidence come showtime but never compromising on feel.
  • Using hand-selected, Master Grade American Hickory sticks delivers a very durable, medium weight stick with a well rounded tonal response.