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At Joe's we have five levels of support, three we call Artist Support and two endorsement levels:

Artist Support - Local Support - Tour Support - Signature Artist - Full Endorsement

From Artist Support up to Tour Support the sticks get incrementally cheaper and there are other perks from a big discount on apparel to free apparel and supply drops on tour. Between Tour Support and Signature Artist there isn't much difference except there's a signature stick developed. Full Endorsement finishes up the line up with the basic difference being we sub sticks and apparel completely. 

If you want to talk Artist Support deals with Joe's drumsticks, there's a couple things you should consider before getting in touch:

  • Have you played Joe's before? Surely you want to know if you actually like our sticks beforehand? If you haven't supported Joe's by buying from us, why would you expect us to support you with cheap or free sticks?
  • Be realistic about your level and reach - we proudly support drummers from a variety of different levels with artist support deals up to full endorsement. Please don't expect to jump into a full endorsement deal unless you're headline touring internationally (at least UK/EU for UK artists, U.S we'll cut you some slack) and can really bring something invaluable to the table like a 100k+ engaged following online for example.
  • Realise that endorsement or artist support deals work both ways.
  • Not every Joe's artist will be featured on the site at this point - until this point is deleted.
  • Just because we're a new business please don't expect a response after 5 mins (or even two weeks) there is a process and if anything, being such a new business means it's harder to keep up with requests - we WILL get back to you either way unless this bullet point is updated to say so.

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